Thursday, February 12, 2009

Muhammad bin Qasim (695-715)

Muhammad bin Qasim was orphaned as a child and thus the responsibility of his upbringing fell upon his mother. She supervised his religious instruction herself, and hired different teachers for his worldly education. It was the uncle, Hajjaj bin Yousaf, who taught him the art of governing and warfare. Qasim was an intelligent and cultured young man who at the age of fifteen was considered by many to be one of his uncle's greatest assets. As a show of faith in his nephew's abilities, Hajjaj married his daughter to Qasim.

At the age of sixteen, he was asked to serve under the great general, Qutayba bin Muslim. Under his command Muhammad bin Qasim displayed a talent for skilful fighting and military planning. Hajjaj's complete trust in Qasim's abilities as a general became even more apparent when he appointed the young man as the commander of the all-important invasion on Sindh, when he was only seventeen years old. Muhammad bin Qasim proved Hajjaj right when he, without many problems, managed to win all his military campaigns. He used both his mind and military skills in capturing places like Daibul, Raor, Uch and Multan. History does not boast of many other commanders who managed such a great victory at such a young age.

Besides being a great general, Muhammad bin Qasim was also an excellent administrator. He established peace and order as well as a good administrative structure in the areas he conquered. He was a kind hearted and religious person. He had great respect for other religions. Hindu and Buddhist spiritual leaders were given stipends during his rule. The poor people of the land were greatly impressed by his policies and a number of them embraced Islam. Those who stuck to their old religions erected statues in his honor and started worshiping him after his departure from their land.

Muhammad bin Qasim was known for his obedience to the ruler. Walid bin Abdul Malik died and was succeeded by his younger brother Suleman as the Caliph. Suleman was an enemy of Hajjaj and thus ordered Qasim back to the kingdom. Qasim knew of the animosity between the two. He was aware that due to this enmity, he would not be well treated. He could have easily refused to obey the Caliph's orders and declare his independence in Sindh. Yet he was of the view that obeying ones ruler is the duty of a general and thus he decided to go back to the center. Here he became a victim to party politics. He was put behind bars where he died at age of twenty. Many historians believe that had he been given a few more years, he would have conquered the entire South Asian region.


  1. Muhammad bin qasim was a great warrior of Islam. He is first person to start islam message in India & Pakistan. Due to this we are Muslim today, May Allah reward him for his tremondous work in Sindh & other region of India & Pakistan.

  2. Muhammed bin qasim at the age of 17, began the conquest of the Sindh and Punjab regions along the Indus River, and spread the islam in the region.
    he is one of the best inspiration for youngsters and muslim world,

  3. محمد بن قاسم جي نالي بند رستا، ليبرريون ۽ ڪاليج قائم ڪيا ويا آهن. حالانڪـ تاريخدانن کي پتو آهي تـ ان ماڻهو سنڌ تي عرب سامراج قائم ڪرڻ لاء قبضو ڪري، ان مان هزارها مرد ۽ عورتون غلام ۽ ٻانهيون ڪري وڃي عرب ملڪن ۾ وڪيون هيون. سنڌ جا ڪروڙها روپيا ڦر ڪري عرب موڪليا هئا.سنڌ جي محافظ مهاراجا ڏاهر جي نياڻين ۽ زال سان زنا ڪئي هئي. جنهن ڪري سندس حاڪم طرفان سزا طور هن کي قيد ڪري مارايو ويو هو.

  4. isne 17 sal me 17 bar gand mawai thi

    1. hindo bunya ko us ke okat dekhai the ..or us ke gandi zehaniat ka badla lia tha...

    2. shame on you because you are not aware of the history Muhammad Bin Qasim was arab and big thief and rapist what he did in Sindh please read the history.

    3. harish mishra kahien us ne tumhare predecessors samait tumhari gand tu ni mari...

    4. Even if a terrorist and rapist like Qasim maybe able to kill
      some great and devoted personality , he is still a rapist and
      terrosist . What will happen if today in US let us say
      someone like OBL kills the President . Does he become
      a Islamic propagator ? Or a hero for that matter ?
      I think NO. He deserves both jail and hell.

  5. we need hundreds of Mohammad Bin Qasim
    for Pakistan and other Islmic Countries to get rod of bad leaders and the ghulami of America

  6. Allah hame bhi aisi hi himmat aur Imaan se nawazen. Aaj hame aise hi Imaan aur himmat ki jarorat hai. Allah hame aise hi Zihaad karne ki taufique de.

  7. SULEMAN dismissed the brave young Conqueror of Sind and sent a new governor in his place. The new Caliph ordered that Muhammad bin Qasim be put in chains and sent as a prisoner to Iraq. When these orders reached Muhammad, he was all-powerful in Sind. He was loved by the army and the people alike. It was easy for him to disobey the Caliph. He could throw off the nominal yoke of Suleman and become an independent ruler. The people of Sind almost worshipped him. He could live here as a free citizen and no one could lay hands on him.

  8. If we cast light upon on islamic history whenever we are defeated it is just because of our prejudicy nd the covered of imperial chair.if the same policy remains we would be always remain in the dust of humiliaton.